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Cassandra Wilder of Goddess Ceremony: Don’t Merely Exist…LIVE

January 2, 2020

Special Guest Cassandra Wilder shares her good story. Learn what her tipping point was that helped her shift from the corporate world into her true passion of helping and empowering women. 

Cassandra Wilder is the CEO of GoddessCeremony, a global brand that focuses on women's empowerment, and she is a Naturopathic Doctor with a specialization in women's cycles and menstruation. She's passionate about teaching women how to work WITH their bodies, rather than against them to avoid the burnout cycle and find fulfillment. She is also the host of the GoddessCeremony Podcast and teaches women how to rise up and step into their power.

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We love adventure and living our lives to the fullest! At the end of our lives, we would love to have a life worth reading about. We started our "Good Story" by selling most everything and traveling the U.S. in our "tiny house" RV for a year. After our RV trip we lived in the Dominican Republic doing humanitarian work for a year. We pledged a year of our life to serve human trafficking survivors. It was an amazing experience and we learned so much. We took an amazing three month trip to Thailand. We then came home and felt a little lost and didn't know how to move forward in meaningful ways....we took a year and a half hiatus from really being intention about our story. Now we are back, we are dreaming and we are creating again! We are glad you are here with on our journey!

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